World's Smallest Glo Worm

Super Impulse USA


Introducing the World's Smallest Glo Worm, a tiny companion that brings nostalgic charm and soothing comfort to all ages. This miniature version of the beloved classic toy is designed to capture the hearts of Glo Worm fans and collectors alike, offering a delightful touch of whimsy in a compact form.

Measuring at a fraction of the size of the original Glo Worm, the World's Smallest Glo Worm is perfect for portable play and cuddly companionship. Its pocket-sized design allows you to carry it wherever you go, ensuring that you have a comforting glow and soft hug at your fingertips. Whether you're traveling, on-the-go, or simply seeking a cozy companion, this mini Glo Worm will brighten your day and warm your heart.

Don't be fooled by its small size – the World's Smallest Glo Worm is just as magical as its larger counterpart. With its soft, plush body and gentle glow, it creates a calming ambiance that helps promote relaxation and comfort. Press its belly, and it emits a soft, comforting light that makes bedtime or quiet moments extra special. It's the perfect companion for children, adults, and collectors who appreciate the enchanting charm of the original Glo Worm.

The World's Smallest Glo Worm is not only a delightful toy but also a collectible treasure. As the tiniest commercially available Glo Worm on the market, it holds a special place in the hearts of Glo Worm enthusiasts and collectors. Its compact size makes it a unique addition to any collection or a whimsical decoration for nurseries, bedrooms, or offices.

So, whether you're a Glo Worm fan, a collector, or simply seeking a touch of nostalgia, the World's Smallest Glo Worm is a must-have. Experience the enchantment and warmth of this iconic toy, now in a miniature and travel-friendly form. With its small size and big emotional appeal, this tiny Glo Worm is guaranteed to bring joy, comfort, and a radiant glow to your life.


  • Product Details CHOKING HAZARD: Small parts.
  • Age: 6+
  • Made in China